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¬†Garrett Lickliter was born in Indianapolis and has spent most of his life here on the north side. His father is a basketball coach. With that type of career comes many job changes and many re-locations. “My family lived in over 12 homes by the time I was 16 years old.” The buying, the fixing up, and the selling of real estate is a constant in his life. After college, Garrett went into coaching basketball. After working for the Indiana Pacers for one season he went to graduate school and was a graduate assistant for the University of Iowa for two seasons. While in Grad school he continued his family tradition of buying, fixing up, and selling with their home in Iowa. He started in real estate to manage rental properties and cultivate Real Estate investments. Garrett became a Realtor after moving back to Indianapolis and has loved his career in assisting others. Garrett met his wife Molly in college at Butler University. They have a daughter named Gia and two sons named Reggie & Ari.

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